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In Sickness and in Health (31/40)

Title: In Sickness and in Health

Author: welsh_scotsman

Beta: royalladyemma

Author’s note Once again, thanks to royalladyemma for continous hand holding. If you’re new, start at chapter one, they’re all hyperlinked

Summary: Ianto looks after everyone, but who looks after him?

Pairing: Janto

Spoilers: None

Warning: Occasional language, references to child abuse

Rating: 15

http://welsh-scotsman.livejournal.com/6120.html chapter one

Miss Sato,” begun Mr Strutt lazily. “You’ve worked for Mr Harkness for five years, is that correct?”




“So you would, theoretically, know him as well as Mr Jones then?”


“I suppose....”


“Tell me, what is Mr Harkness like as a Boss?”


“Honestly? He is the best Boss I’ve ever had. He lets us have free reign over our projects and lets us complete them how we choose. He treats us equally and with respect. To him, we’re not meaningless cogs in a machine, we actually matter and I know for a fact that he will protect us in any way he can,” said Tosh, looking fondly over at Jack who was grinning from ear to ear. She hoped Owen burst his bubble soon or he wouldn’t be able to get his head out of the door.

Mr Strutt raised an eyebrow. “Really? Had Mr Harkness had any sexual relationships with his employees before Mr Jones came onto the scene?”

Tosh frowned at the question, not seeing its relevance. “Not as far as I know; no.”

Mr Strutt nodded. “I see. Don’t you find it a bit weird that as soon as a handsome, impressionable, young man comes onto the scene, Mr Harkness begins a relationship with him?”

“Not really, no. If you’d have been listening to Jack’s testimony, you would know that it was a year before he and Ianto became a proper couple.”

“True. However, there’s still all the work that goes into starting a relationship; the getting to know them, the learning to trust them, the sexual element...I mean, that must take at least a year to acquire, don’t you agree, Miss Sato?” asked Mr Strutt innocently, looking up to be met with a pair of stony brown eyes glaring back at him.

“I really wouldn’t know. As I have said before, Mr Strutt, it was a mutual respect thing. Besides, I have known Jack for five years and he has never struck me as that kind of person and he would never take advantage of anyone who was having a tough time. He has these things called ‘morals’ and a sense of what is right and wrong. If he had jumped straight into bed with Ianto a week after Ianto had arrived, then yes, I would be concerned but he didn’t so I’m not.”

“But how do you know he didn’t? After all, Mr Harkness said himself that he and Mr Jones wanted to keep their relationship private,” pressed Mr Strutt, an evil glint in his eye.

Tosh just glared at him before answering. “As Jack also told you; he would never be able to make or force Ianto to do anything he didn’t want to do. In the two years of knowing Ianto, I have never seen anyone make him do anything he didn’t want to do. The mountain of paperwork on Owen’s desk is testament to that.” Mr Strutt begun to speak. “And don’t even think of implying that he was too grief stricken to know what he wanted. No one could ever be that grief stricken that they would have sex with someone when they didn’t want to.”

“That’s my girl,” grinned Jack, a hint of pride in his voice. “See? There’s no way Lloyd’s going to get away with this; we’re too good,” he murmured to Ianto who was biting his lip nervously. Ianto just nodded, though his attention remained on Tosh.

Mr Strutt just flicked through his notes to give him a moment to compose himself before looking up again. “You say you and Mr Jones are very close. Does he ever talk about his relationship with Mr Harkness?”

Tosh shook her head. “No. Not really.”

Strutt raised an eyebrow in surprise. “Really? You say Mr Jones’ and Mr Harkness’ relationship is so committed and serious, yet he won’t share details of it with his closest female friend? Don’t you think that says something about how Mr Jones views his relationship, Miss Sato?”

“It says that Ianto respects Jack’s privacy and doesn’t feel the need to gossip about every little detail of it as if he were a hormonal teenager comparing notes.”

“And in what ways does Mr Jones ‘respect Mr Harkness’ privacy’?” asked Mr Strutt, the innuendo plain for all to see.

“It may have escaped your notice, Mr Strutt, but Jack is still mine and Ianto’s boss, regardless of his personal relationships with us. It would therefore be unprofessional and downright disrespectful for Ianto to share intimate details of our Boss’ sex life. Not only would it undermine him professionally, as who takes their Boss seriously when they know exactly how good he is in the bedroom? But it would also undermine him personally. Now I don’t know about you, but to Jack and Ianto, sex is a private act undertaken because both parties love and trust each other and are secure enough in their relationship to know that the other partner is not going to run off and tell their best friend about it, or take out an ad in the Sun or whatever. If Ianto were the type of person to do that, I would not be friends with him, end of story,” said Tosh firmly.

“I see. And how does Mr Harkness treat Mr Jones in public?”

Tosh shrugged. “Respectfully.”

“Can you expand on that?”

“In what way?”

“Well, I can’t help noticing that Mr Jones is somewhat less outgoing than Mr Harkness is. Surely that could cause problems?”

“I really don’t see how.”

“Well, what if they’re in a pub or restaurant or whatever and Mr Harkness wants to hold hands and Mr Jones doesn’t. What happens then?”

“Not a lot. Jack would respect Ianto’s wishes.”

“But surely that’s not fair on Mr Harkness to always have to do what Mr Jones wants?”

Tosh sighed. This man really was insufferable. “Mr Strutt, Jack just wants Ianto to be happy. He knows that public displays of affection make him uncomfortable so refrains from doing so out of respect for his partner. In return, Ianto allows it in more neutral surroundings and in places where he feels more secure such as in his flat or at work.”

“But Mr Harkness says that he and Mr Jones keep their private life and professional lives very separate. Are you saying that that’s not the case at all?”

“No. I’m saying that in work, they are very professional, if you didn’t know they were together, you wouldn’t know they were together if you get my meaning. But there are times when in the early morning if they’re the first ones in or last ones out or are in Jack’s office or Ianto’s Archives or whatever, that they may share a private moment. It’s completely separate to the rest of us so it doesn’t interfere with the work and it’s not as if they’re flaunting their relationship or anything but as it’s often before hours, they can do what they want as far as I’m concerned. However, the moment Jack decides that work has officially begun and we have our morning meeting, all private interaction ceases.”

“I see. You work for a Government security firm, is that correct?”


“It must get stressful at times.”


“Have you ever seen Mr Harkness completely lose his temper and shout or yell at Mr Jones either as a direct result of something he’s done or because he just happened to be there?”

“Once or twice, yes.”

Mr Strutt looked like all his Christmases had come at once. “And what happens then?”

Tosh sighed. “If Jack is ever stupid enough to lose his temper with Ianto, Ianto will usually let him rant himself out, raise an eyebrow and then state his points neatly and precisely in calm, clipped tones before turning on his heel and going down to the Archives, leaving a very foolish looking Jack in his wake. This should prove beyond reasonable doubt that Ianto is not scared of Jack, that he is equal to Jack and that he has never and will never be abused by Jack.”

“I never said he was, Miss Sato.”

“You have been implying it all through my questioning and all through Jack’s questioning. The least you can do is be honest about it. You have no evidence, physical or otherwise and the only reason you’re doing it is to get that man off the hook,” snapped Tosh, her tone like ice, leaving even Mr Strutt stunned before he turned to the Judge. “Your Honour, Miss Sato cannot say that!”

Judge Adams sighed. “You can’t object to something your own witness says, Mr Strutt. You have been implying it so you cannot then turn to me for back up just because your witness has stated exactly what you have been doing in non too subtle ways. Now, do you wish to question Miss Sato further?”

“No, You Honour, I do not,” muttered Strutt sullenly. Stupid witness, stupid Jones, stupid cases. Damn them all! Damn them all to Hell!

“Very well. Miss Sato, you may step down although you will need to stay available should you be required later,” said the Judge, addressing Tosh who nodded before stepping down and rejoining the rest of Torchwood, being pleasantly surprised to come back to Owen clapping with admiration.

“Wow. I owe you a pint. You were bloody brilliant. That look on Strutt’s face was priceless. Lloyd’s jaw all but hit the ground,” he said, not a trace of sarcasm to be heard.

Tosh just grinned, murmuring her thanks as she felt a light blush stain her cheeks as she glanced across at Jack who inclined his head proudly. “Well done, Tosh. If there’s anything I can do for you, just say the word.”

“Thank you,” she murmured, as she stole a look at Ianto who seemed slightly calmer than he had before as he too acknowledged his thanks.

“I just hope I can live up to your standards,” muttered Owen as he was called to the stand.

http://welsh-scotsman.livejournal.com/24040.html#cutid1 chapter 32


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